S14 Capital's expertise is deployed through two open-ended UCITS investment funds with different and complementary risk and return profiles.

Fund ISIN code Date NAV YTD Since inception Risk level
S14 Global Opportunities
PART A : BE6297703751
  • PART A : BE6297703751
11/07/2024 1358.37 9.3% 35.8%
S14 Absolute Return
PART I : FR0014004I24
  • PART F : FR0014004I16
  • PART I : FR0014004I24
17/06/2024 1002.16 1.26% 0.22%
The S14 Absolute Return F Share class is currently soft closed. 5% entry fee could be charged to new investors.
Past performance is no indicator of future performance

S14 Absolute Return

S14 Absolute Return is an equity long short strategy trying to minimise its correlation to equity markets. The investment team deploys a sector expertise and a thorough analysis of companies valuation in order to identify their long term growth potential.


S14 Global Opportunities

S14 Global Opportunities is a diversified strategy investing in growth themes and stocks offering significant upside potential. The flexible management of the portfolio enable to modulate the level of risk according to the market context.


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